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There may be times when you need urgent help or an advice or a suggestion related to your Bullet. It may be about a haunting oil leak, changing the silencer or an advice on buying a bullet. What if you get the answer from the most experienced persons ? Chandrashekaran (shekarettan) is such a person who is a mechanic and have more than 20 years of experience on Bullet. He has his own Service center; named “ABC MOTORS” in Tirur, Kerala. I give you the opportunity to talk with him through phone. He only knows two languages; malayalam and tamil. You can call him at any time between 7PM(19:00)IST and 11PM(23:00)IST. Please mention my name(Arun) and website name while calling.

Name : Chandrashekaran
Languages known : Malayalam and Tamil
Mobile number : 9496524988